Photo by Creative Commons
Photo by Deven D'Eon
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Photo by Russian Federation Website/USAID Administrator
Photo by Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian
Photo by Политика сегодня: Россия США Украина
Photo by U.S. Navy

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Inside The Wire

Deadly New “tranq” Drug Fuels Opioid Crisis

“While Xylazine has been studied in animals such as dogs and horses, there is limited data on human consumption.”

Inside The Wire

Snake: Russia’s Cyber Espionage Masterpiece

“Regarded as the most venomous instrument in the FSB’s arsenal, Snake derives its formidable prowess from…”

Foreign Affairs

The Ethiopian Conflict & Potential Mitigation Strategies

“Before ethnic-Amhara Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy took power in 2018, the Tigray ruled over the people beginning in 1991 with the overthrow of the Derg.”

Inside The Wire

What We Discovered About The Alleged Chinese Spy In Boston

“As part of a delegation to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China…”

National Security

China’s Anti-cyber Espionage Provision Puts Us On Notice

“the recent inclusion of cyberattacks into this law can be viewed as a logical evolution that addresses the current state of espionage threats in an Internet-connected world…”

National Security

the Soft Power Reality Of Cyber Attacks Against Global Maritime Transportation

THE RUNDOWN In early March 2023, the Maritime Transportation System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MTS-ISAC) published its 2022 Annual Report.  Founded in 2020, the relatively new MTS-ISAC is an organization whose stakeholders’ operations traverse six continents and more than 160 countries and focuses on cyber threats against the global maritime industry. Stakeholders share threat […]